Mr. Tyrone C. Phipps – Managing Director

Mr. Tyrone Constantine Phipps brings over 24 years of diverse experience in the world of finance, both debt and equity.

Mr. Phipps brings A “customer first” philosophy that lets him see issues and opportunities from the client and partner’s viewpoint.

Mr. Phipps experience with valuation, financial modeling and forecasting combined with his solid grasp of current market developments, and professionalism makes him an invaluable asset to our partners and clients.

Since founding the company Mr. Phipps has demonstrated his ability to identify opportunities that brings tremendous value to its stakeholder. He has been instrumental in streamlining the process to expedite the funding time frame.

Mr. Raymond Cawaling – Operations Director

Mr. Raymond Cawaling is the Operations Director for RT Capital Inc. and brings over 20 years of accounting, taxation, and business development skills to the organization.

Mr. Cawaling has assisted clients and partners as a financial consultant providing wealth management and investment services for short term and long-term planning.

Beyond his financial and legal abilities, Mr. Cawaling also carries a wealth of knowledge in real estate, cryptocurrencies, fintech and IT communication and services for large- and small-scale operations.