Receiving a bank guarantee

If you are lucky enough to have a Bank Guarantee issued to you, you will certainly know what it is for. Most commonly, landlords may receive Bank Guarantees for rent deposits from their tenants for example. If you have entered into a separate contract for an investor to issue you a Bank Guarantee to secure a credit line, then you would have certainly executed contracts with them by this stage. It is highly unlikely that a Bank Guarantee will pop onto your bank account by surprise! If you do receive a Bank Guarantee and have no idea why, you should contact your bank immediately. In receiving a Bank Guarantee, your bank will generally notify you and send you a copy of it (normally a SWIFT terminal printout) for your information. They will also inform you that it is verified and valid and will await your further instructions. If you plan to receive a Bank Guarantee, it is important that you bank with a multi-national bank that understands them and can offer you a ‘private’ banking service. Generally we would advise working with Swiss Banks who operate the procedure well.If you are intending to receive a Bank Guarantee from an ‘investor’ in order to secure a line or credit or loan, it is important to negotiate this facility with your bank before the Bank Guarantee arrives. This will save time and expenses. The Bank Guarantee will normally be posted to a separate account in your name that the bank will open upon its arrival. It will be held on this account until it is either called for payment or it expires.